Would running re-training work for me? Our Geelong Podiatrist takes a closer look!

‘Does running re-training work? Would it be a good idea for me?’.. These are common questions from our runners around Highton and Geelong. But let’s look a bit closer at the thought processes and research behind whether it would be a good solution for you!


Running (or gait) re-training rose in popularity a few years ago with courses popping up to become accredited run coaches and so on (which I confess to attending a few). The truth is running coaching has probably been around for as long as running has. There are different theories on how to minimise the risks related to certain injuries but few of these theories stand up to the research.


Basically it boils down to the individual’s goals, injury history and their likelihood of re-injury. For argument sake someone with repeat metatarsal stress fractures that is a natural forefoot striker may do well to train bringing that strike back towards the heel. My point is that it has so much to do with being specific to the individual.


There are a range of small things we can tweak that over time have a big effect. Things like decreasing stride length, increasing the amount of steps you take per minute, the width of your feet when you land, arm swing, head position are there just to name a few.. But the important thing is that we don’t try change everything at once as we’d likely just overwhelm our athlete and get nowhere.


If you’re reading this thinking that a running assessment make be worthwhile for you then rest assured we’ve got you covered. We use the latest technology with high definition cameras to assess your technique and give feedback where appropriate. More importantly though we meet on the surface that you regularly run on, as we know running on a treadmill and grass can be two very different things.


Luckily, our Highton Podiatry Clinic is set up amazingly well to treat athlete’s and in particular runners. We’ve got a treadmill onsite but right opposite the clinic is the Highton football/cricket oval which we utilise (weather permitting). We’re also situated alongside a range of other allied health professionals so¬† team based approach can be used which is a massive tick!


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out,


Danny Hegarty – Podiatrist