Children's Podiatrist Geelong and Colac

For children’s podiatry in Geelong and Colac, the team at Prosper Health Group will work with you and your child to make an accurate diagnosis if pain occurs in their lower leg or foot.  We perform a thorough assessment including gait analysis and functional play based tests. We can advise if your child requires custom orthotics or specific footwear to assist their ability to stay active.

Did you know that a babies foot is mostly made up of cartilage? Bone formation takes years and growth plates have fused usually by our late teenage years.

Over the course of these ‘growth years’ there are a range of issues which are unique to that particular phase of growth.

Our Colac team stays up to date with the latest research in this area so you can feel confident that you’re in the right place if your little one is having issues.

Contact us to discuss your child’s needs.