Geelong and Colac Podiatry Services

Prosper Health Group offers Podiatry and Physiotherapy services Colac, and Podiatry in Winchelsea and Highton. We have clinic locations in Highton, Colac, Winchelsea. At Prosper we are committed to delivering outstanding healthcare in a fun and professional environment. We are passionate about country living, being outdoors and staying active through life.

Why Us?

We believe that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to healthcare. We work with our clients to deliver the highest standard of personalised care, and do this is a relaxed, professional environment.

We will take the time to understand your needs and come up with a plan that is unique to you.

Our Values

Be the Standard
Things are always evolving in healthcare and our team stays at the forefront of developing trends and research. Our team is committed to bringing the highest possible standard of healthcare to the country.

Solution Focused
We understand that our clients are presenting with unique problems. We’ll do all we can to provide the best solution at the earliest possible time. If we do not have the solution we’ll send you to someone who can help.

Give Back
As a local business we support the community that supports us. Check out our Prosper Impact Partnership for more details on how a portion of each consultation fee is making a big difference locally.

Our Story

Prosper launched in Colac at the beginning of 2020, just 3 months shy of covid-19 hitting our shores. Launching in a pandemic year had its obvious challenges but also brought about some amazing opportunities to grow.

Throughout the year of 2020 Prosper started consulting from a second location in Geelong. From here a partnership was formed with fellow Geelong Podiatrist Dean Cronkwright who was working from Highton. Dean is also the founder of the Geelong Wart Clinic and local Dermatology expert.

Although Prosper is only young we have had roots in our local area from long before. One of our founding partners Dean Cronkwright as been operating Highton Podiatry and Armstrong Creek Podiatry since 2015 but has worked in the local area since 2011.

Danny has also consulted around the Geelong and Colac region since 2013 with a one year gap working in sunny Queensland in 2017.

We are growing to service our community and have a passion for bringing the best Podiatric care to our valued clients.