Custom Foot Orthotics Geelong and Colac

Your Geelong and Colac Podiatrist may recommend custom foot orthotics as part of your treatment depending on your complaints and goals. There is always ongoing research (and debate) into this area of study about which conditions are best suited to orthotics, for example we may treat children’s podiatry issues different based on our assessment.

What’s your process?

We take a thorough history to hear your complaints and identify a diagnosis. We then run through a range of tests to assess your gait pattern (running/walking analysis), lower limb muscle strength, joint range of motion and any sport specific testing required. If orthotics are suggested it will always be one part of a holistic management plan addressing all of the factors to your complaint.

How do they actually work?

This is a really interesting question and the answer has changed over the past 20 years in how we understand foot orthotics to work. Previously we believed that orthotics help ‘align and straighten’ our feet which then holds the rest of our body in alignment, thus creating the least amount of wear and tear on our joints and muscles. As logical as this sounds the research has not backed it up.

What we now understand is that orthotics are great for changing where force goes under our feet and up the lower limb. They are excellent for shifting pressure from areas of overload to other structures in the foot and leg that are able to tolerate that load.

How are they made?

The way in which custom foot orthotics are manufactured has changed substantially over the past 10 years with technology continuing to evolve and innovate this space.

We now use a 3D scanner to take an image of each foot and design devices which are completely unique to your feet and treatment goals. These are then 3D printed which drastically minimises waste. We finish off our orthotics in our on-site orthotic workspace with any future modifications being able to take place here.

Our goal is to have our orthotic clients skipping in to their review consultations so rest assured we won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with your devices.

Do you guarantee your orthotics?

Rest assured that when you receive custom orthotics from Prosper Health Group we stand behind our product. If you are not satisfied with your orthotics we’ll do everything in our ability to make things right.  Book your appointment today!