Colac Podiatrist, Danny Hegarty, Intro Q&A

In this blog we ask our Colac Podiatrist all of the questions that he gets asked multiple times a day.

What made you want to be a Podiatrist?

My journey to becoming a Colac podiatrist is an interesting story. Being completely sports mad growing up it seemed sensible to work in the health sector but wasn’t sure which profession would be the best fit.  I was fortunate in high school to do a work experience placement with a local hospital covering Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Dietetics. Although I enjoyed it I felt they ultimately weren’t really the right fit for me.

I then did some further observation with a private Podiatrist in my hometown of Traralgon. This really helped me decide that Podiatry was going to be my main focus as I enjoyed that scope of practice and the fact it was a very ‘hands on’ profession.

Where do you study to become a Podiatrist?

I studied at La Trobe University in Bundoora. The course was 4 years of full time study. We share a lot of classes in the first two years with other allied health professions like Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Prosthetic’s and Orthotist’s. The final two years was much more specialised to the profession itself.

Why the move to Colac?

My wife and I had been toying with the idea of a tree change for some time. Having spent 7 out of the past 8 years in Geelong and working previously in Colac I had a basic understanding of the area. My wife grew up on a farm in Cressy and has friends and family close by so that certainly helps.

In terms of work I was ready to run my own clinic and wanted to do it somewhere regional where there was more of that ‘community’ feel. Having now played football and cricket in the area I can say that Colac ticks that box. Our family have felt very welcome moving to the area.

What’s the best thing about being a Podiatrist?

Definitely the people I get to meet. I am amazed and continue to be amazed by the people that walk through the door. I’ve said on more than one occasion to clients that they should pen an autobiography.

Helping people on a daily basis gives me tremendous job satisfaction and I hope this comes through when I see clients.

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