Grant Brauer, Colac Physiotherapist, intro Q&A

We are proud to announce that experienced Physiotherapist, Grant Brauer, has joined the team! We caught up with Grant to learn a bit more about his journey to becoming a Physio.


What made you want to become a Physiotherapist?

As a child I had a strong interest in science and how the body moved especially during sport. This carried through into my teenage years and then eventually into adulthood as I played more of my chosen sport, cricket. During my time playing cricket I had some significant and challenging injuries to my shoulder and also my back and found myself spending quite a bit of time working with Physiotherapists doing recovery and rehabilitation programs. As my playing time came towards an end it seemed like a great fit for me to pursue Physiotherapy as a career.


Where did you study Physiotherapy?

I studied my Physiotherapy degree at La Trobe University in Bundoora. I didn’t start my study until I was 28 and was able to enroll as a mature aged student. I completed my degree in 2011 and then completed a Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy, also through La Trobe, in 2017.


How long have you been in Colac?

I have lived and grown up in the region for most of my life. I went to primary school in Swan Marsh (when the school was still open) and also the Colac High School (when the school was still open!). I’ve been fortunate to have a long association with Colac’s sporting community ever since I was child and still love my involvement with the Stoneyford Cricket Club where one of my sons now plays as a junior.


What conditions or injuries do you like to treat?

I am happy to assess and treat most types of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. I have strong interest in back and neck pain, joint injuries especially the shoulder, sporting injuries and post surgical rehabilitation. I’m also able to perform lung function testing for people to assist them and their GP in the management of airways diseases such as asthma and COPD.


What’s the best thing about being a Physiotherapist?

It is definitely a well worn cliche, but I really do like to help people. I get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing people recover from their pain or their injury and return to doing the things they enjoy the most. I consider it a real privilege when anyone chooses me to assist them through their recovery and it is especially satisfying to be able to do it in my own community, the place I call home.


To book an appointment with Grant call us on 5290 5238 or book online today.