How does a Podiatrist assess foot pain?


What does a biomechanical assessment involve?

A Podiatrist is able to help with the diagnosis and management of foot pain, but have you ever wondered what they are assessing for when they complete their assessment?

Our Highton Podiatrist, Marney, is going to take you through a biomechanical assessment and what helps her diagnose the problem. 

It all starts with the story. When a patient presents with a foot concern it is best to know as much as possible. Information like:

  • How long has the pain been there? 
  • Was there a particular incident that brought the pain on?
  • What makes it worse?
  • What makes it better?
  • Have you had any other foot injuries before?

     All of these questions are crucial to understanding the ‘why’ behind the pain.  

Walking and running assessment

As a Podiatrist it is important to see your feet in action, so we will get you up and moving. It is important to bring the appropriate footwear to your appointment so that we can see your feet in action. We will look at you walking barefoot and then again in your running shoes.

Functional assessments

We will also get you to complete specific movements and tests like a lunge test or calf raises to help understand any restrictions that you may be dealing with, whether this is caused by a structural condition, reduced strength or muscular tightness.

Foot assessment

Next comes the foot assessment, where we look more closely at the foot and any restrictions we have to address or accommodate. We have 33 joints in our foot and we need to know if they are restricted in any way. If there are any restrictions this can contribute to your foot pain.   


We will also assess your footwear to look for any specific wear patterns that can tell us what may be happening with your foot. It is always a great idea to bring the footwear you wear most commonly to your appointment!

After we complete our assessment we will have the best understanding of your feet. We will be able to form a treatment and management plan that will address any ‘red flags’ that were raised during your assessment. 

If you have any questions about the assessment please feel free to get in touch or use the link below to book an appointment.

Marney Cowell – Podiatrist