Highton Podiatrist gives footcare tips when working from home

Highton Podiatrist Marney talks about  how working from home is becoming the new normal for a lot of people and how it is important to still be taking care of our bodies even when we work from home. 


Why are my feet hurting more when I work from home? 

An increase in barefoot time or in unsupportive slippers and ugg boots can increase our risk of injury, and also delay healing if you’re already managing an issue. Common problems to keep an eye out for are heel pain, bunion pain and pressure areas like corns and calluses. 


Should I still be wearing shoes when I am working from home? 

For most people getting home means ditching the work shoes and getting into something more comfortable. Working from home means that we don’t have to worry about footwear… Right? Well the short answer is no, it is really important that we still take care of our feet when we are working from home. 


Here are my top 3 tips for looking after your feet when in lockdown!


Stick to the footwear routine 


It is great if we can stick to our routine even when at home, putting on your comfortable work shoes at home means that we are looking after our feet and reducing the chance of injury.
You can even widen your range of footwear when working from home, you can put on your runners, supportive casual shoes such as your birks or even supportive slippers. You don’t have to wear the same work shoe each day. 


Keep up the mobility and strength exercises


Working from home should not change all your routines, keeping up with your mobility, stretching and strengthening programs should still be an important part of your day.
Rolling your foot on a firm ball for 1-2 mins a day can easily be incorporated into your home desk set up. 


Take regular breaks 


Just because you are working from home does not mean you can’t take breaks. Make sure to get up and move about every 2 hours, this will help prevent muscle fatigue and poor postures causing pain and discomfort. 


What should I do next if I’ve developed a problem?


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