Marney Cowell Intro Q&A

What made you want to become a Podiatrist?

I started seeing a Podiatrist when I was a child for foot pain, the pain I experienced started having an impact on the activities and sports that I loved. Seeing a Podiatrist enabled me to better understand what was happening with my feet and how we can fix it. Now I get to enjoy all activities with no pain. I became a Podiatrist because I now want to help others with foot trouble and make sure that it does not impact their lives. 


Where did you study Podiatry?


I was lucky enough to study at Latrobe University in Bendigo where I was born and raised. This meant I got to live with mum and dad a bit longer and get home cooked meals.

The course is 4 years long and you cover every aspect of Podiatry – understanding how the foot works, medical conditions that can impact on the feet and how to help. 


Why the move to Geelong?


I started working as a Podiatrist in South Gippsland and loved being closer to the ocean. I also met my husband there, which was a good reason to stay. We moved to Geelong in early 2020 to be closer to our families , but we made sure that the ocean was not too far away. It was a big step moving from a town of 2,000 people into Geelong but we do love it. 


What is the best thing about being a Podiatrist?


The best thing about being a Podiatrist is getting to help people. Every day can be different, and I can assist in so many ways, whether it be helping people reach their fitness goal, prevent and treat injuries, reduce pain from ingrown nails or relieve a client from a painful corn. All aspects of Podiatry can improve the patient’s quality of life and it is my way of contributing to the community.