Dean Cronkwright Intro Q&A

What made you want to become a Podiatrist?

After owning a health and fitness business, I was looking for a profession that gave me the opportunity to own a business and help people. A friend recommended that I investigate Podiatry. I thought she was crazy because… I don’t like feet! I researched the industry and found that most Podiatrist’s loved their work and had the freedom to set their own schedules, which was important to me. I also discovered that the top two demographics that Podiatrists care for are those with diabetes and the aging population. I have always felt that if you wanted to have a successful business, find out what the baby boomers are doing and offer them some sort of goods or service. With the baby boomers aging and getting diabetes, I felt that Podiatry would be a great profession to bring stability and security to my young family.

Where did you study Podiatry?

I studied podiatry at LaTrobe University. I was lucky to already live very close in Bundoora and was able to ride my bicycle to uni. I finished with an Honours degree and my research was published in a medical journal.

Why the move to Geelong?

Podiatry is a great profession that can give you the opportunity to work anywhere in Australia or the Commonwealth. I explained to my wife that we could live anywhere after graduating and without a moment’s hesitation, we packed up and moved to Geelong. We had been having holidays in Barwon Heads for many years and absolutely love the region.

What is the best thing about being a Podiatrist?

Even though I don’t like feet, I love people! After watching a client hobble in with a painful corn, I find it incredibly satisfying being able to take 30 minutes out of my day, remove the corn, and watch them leave pain free and happy. The other aspect of being a Podiatrist that I love is the ability to modify my schedule so that I can enjoy being father and a husband, the two most important things that I could ever do!