CAM Walker or Moon Boot Fittings in Colac

Did you know our Colac Podiatry clinic offers same day appointments for CAM boot (Moon boot) fittings?


Going into a CAM boot can be a stressful time as it generally coincides with fracturing a bone or having a nasty sprain of the foot or ankle. Here at Prosper we try and take some of the stress away by offering same day appointments to have these boots professionally fitted by our Podiatrist


Along with this you can expect to receive advice on how to best manage your injury in the short term whilst wearing the boot. Depending on your injury this could mean; 


  • Gentle mobility exercises
  • Self massage techniques
  • Resisted theraband work 
  • Heat pack application.


The length of time required in a CAM boot is dependent on the injury being treated so for the most accurate advice get in contact with us for a personalised treatment plan, we’d love to help!