Colac Podiatrist, Danny Hegarty, reviews the best kids football boots for 2020 

In this blog our Colac Podiatrist looks at the question ‘Which footy boots are best for my child?’.


It’s getting close to the start of footy season and chances are your kids have grown over summer and are in need need of a new pair of boots for 2020.


There are plenty of options available but in our eyes there are two that stand out compared to the rest when it comes to cushioning and support for a growing foot. Both of these options are available here in Colac at Sportspower as well as plenty of other options to compare against.


If your child has a history of heel pain (Sever’s) or other foot and leg issues we would definitely recommend the Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate GS. It’s built with similar features to a running shoe so has superior cushioning when compared to more lightweight boots. 


If looking for something a bit lighter we really like the Asics Tigreor IT GS. We find it’s a good combination of being lightweight but keeping some of the supportive features you come to expect from Asics. 


The best boots in our mind will ultimately be the most comfortable. Boots should rarely need ‘wearing in’ in this day and age. They should feel comfortable from the beginning. Try and aim to always have a removable innersole in the boot so that if injury strikes we have sufficient room in the boot to add padding or orthotics if required. 


If you need further advice or think your child would benefit from an assessment then we would love to help out! You can book online or contact us to make an appointment.