Colac Podiatrist reviews the best Netball shoes for 2020

Danny, our Colac Podiatrist reviews the latest netball shoes ready for the 2020 season.


Today we visited Sportspower Colac to have a look at the range of netball shoes for the upcoming season and share our thoughts about the options in store.


Asics have long been the benchmark for netball shoes and it isn’t looking like changing this year.


Danny with Asics Professional


The Netburner Professional FF 2 is going to prove popular again. It’s a common shoe to see the pro’s playing in and this is for good reason. It’s the lightest of the options which is attractive as netball specific shoes can feel heavy given their hard wearing rubber soles. We really like the forefoot flex which would suit midcourt players doing a lot of running. One of the negatives on this shoe in previous years has been its durability so if you are hard on shoes keep in mind you’ll likely get more life out of our next option.


The Gel Netburner 20 (D fitting) has few features which make it one of, if not the most durable on the market. Asics are continuing to find ways to make the shoe lighter whilst keeping it a very solid shoe. We also love that it comes in a wider fitting option! If you’re playing all of your netball outdoors this is one to consider.


Next up we look at the Asics Academy 8 which we really like in the clinic. Asics have used the same sole as previous models of the Professional which were so popular in previous seasons. It has got a lighter feel and would be a great option for those playing indoor/outdoor or indoor only. You’re still getting that lighter feel of a runner but with the stability features of a netball shoe.


Good luck to all of the netballers for the upcoming season and if you have any foot and ankle injuries remember you can book online or contact us on 5290 5238.